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Birthdate:Apr 14

TimonCharacter: Timon

Series: The Lion King

Version: Pre-game (KH2) Half Point in TLK. Simba has grown into a fine adult in the luxurious oasis with his foster parents, Timon and Pumbaa, by his side. Nala has yet to appear, and to the comedic duo ceases to exist making everything 'perfect'.

Age: 8-9

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Standing at approximately 30cm with an added tail length of 17cm, Timon fits the regular meerkat protocol with ease, weighing in at only 1.61 pounds. He's an obvious little guy, some what difficult to spot with his soft, tan and cream fur. If it weren't for the red turf of fur resting upon his head he could easily be missed by the unwary eye. Like many of his kind, Timon has patterns of five unique stripes across his back to identify him from other meerkats. He also has brown markings around his eyes that work much like sun glasses allowing him to look up at the sun with ease. These brown patches of fur also appear on his four appendages, three toes, and at the tip of his tail. And, believe it or not, he has the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes you'll ever see.

Personality: Beneath many, MANY, layers Timon is known to be a very loving guy who'd give up more than his last smart remark, but his very life for any of his friends. However, getting through his thick, selfish, obnoxious, wise-cracking, and fairly lazy crust is a task that takes great precision... Or, perhaps, just a little time. Many may not have the patients for such, and to those the meerkat is usually seen as more as a nuisance than anything else. The fact that his over confidence in himself and rather large ego also happens to irritate others doesn't always fall in his favour either. Not to be fooled though, there are those whom he does believe to have an equal or higher rank than himself. But receiving that honour might take a bit of work. Timon is also known to be a incredibly sneaky when needed, he won't hesitate to use someone for his own gain if needed which has without doubt come in handy in Paixao. Of course, realizing that he's been used himself will greatly irritate him, as well as demoting him from anything less than what he thinks of himself. This includes mocking his size, doubting his intelligence, to ridicule his appearance, and speak ill of his personal agenda. As one would eventually gather, Timon's biggest dislike is being confronted by truth, because very often he tries to avoid it.

Weaknesses: Timon has a vast number of weaknesses, just the look of him screams out at least ten. To name a few, his size, ego, and big mouth play great factors in this. Giving things little thought, such as his words, it is fairly common that the meerkat will say something that will offended or irritate another without realizing it, or in some cases caring. His ego will often lead him to ignore others useful advice or take into account important factors. His selfishness can also be accountable for this. Aside from the fact that he cannot reach things like doorknobs and light switches that others in Paixao likely take for granted, Timon can also get hurt very easily due to his size. As significantly fragile as he is, something as simple as stepping on his foot will break it. The fact that he knows very little regarding humans or their devices could very well be considered a weakness too. Being an animal, he's most likely to eat something you offer him before questioning whether or not it's poisoned - unless of course you bring him reason for him to be suspicious.

Abilities/Weaponry: Some of Timon's weaknesses, such as his short stature, also fall into his strengths. Being as small as he is, Timon can hide in many different places. It also makes him exceedingly difficult to catch, especially with the capability of really moving on his feet when he needs to. Of course, he is no match for those possessing superior tracking skills or training, but for the average being, they had best look for another form of catching him opposed to by foot. Being an animal also has its advantages, for his superior sight, smell, and over all senses greatly come in handy when he chooses to acknowledge them. As one could easily predict, sometimes his ego get in the way of them. Timon is also particularly clever, though you'd never guess. He is known to be quite inventive when one considers his many 'creations' in the jungle such as the hammock, swing, instruments, and songs. Being as sociable as he is, Timon is capable of starting a form of alliance exceedingly quickly. He is also capable of finding the humour in many things people wouldn't, though his poor jokes would be considered more a weakness than strength in this case.

History: Born an outcast, Timon remain that way during much of his childhood up until adulthood. He grew up in a meerkat colony in the Pride Lands under the care of his mother and (possibly great?) uncle. Due to the loss of his father during his early childhood, his mother's strain to protect to the only thing left, her son, grew into a constant compulsion. It also added a lot of pressure in means of his success. But despite how hard he tried to make her proud, Timon could not so much as even come to like the thought of digging tunnels - or dig one correctly for that matter- to hide from the world.

Unlike the other meerkats, he would often question why they had to dig, why were they always hiding and why they had to be afraid of everything. He argued that a display of courage would do them good, that if they attacked the hyenas as a group, they could probably over throw them... But such thoughts were often thrown cast aside, along with numerous other creative idea's he had dreamt up. Timon was unique, different, and misunderstood. For that, he was cast aside, even as an adult.

Eventually, it all lead to him leaving his colony (after breaking several tunnels, of course) in hopes to find a better life. He only proved to disappoint his mother, and anger his uncle. Not only was the separation best for him, but the safety of the mob as well.

It was then he came across a lonely warthog by the name of Pumbaa. The cheerful pig not only became his first friend, but best friend too. Unfortunately, Timon started out with the idea to simply use the warthog in means of protection, but over time a powerful friendship blossomed between the pair.

The two eventually found themselves a home in a beautiful, tropical paradise where they could live a life without care or worry. However, one day when out for one last game of 'Bowling for Buzzards', they came across a young and unconscious lion prince known as Simba. Luckily for the cub, the two brought him back to the jungle and raised him as though he was their very own, much to Timon's protest. Ironically, over time, a bond produced between Timon and Simba that lead to Timon becoming a father figure in the lions life.

Before falling into Paixao Timon spent most of his days with his two friends catching grubs, playing games, and relaxing without worry or care in their lush jungle oasis.

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